Changing email address for Bloom library login

Is there a way to change the login email address within Bloom library?

Here’s the scenario (which is a real situation):

  • user creates an account on Bloom library using one email address
  • user uploads 20 books to Bloom library and their email address shows as the uploader
  • user’s email address is deleted
  • user can continue to login to Bloom library by entering the original email address and the password (even though the actual email address no longer exists)
  • user uploads 20 more books to Bloom library and their original email address appears as the uploader, but if someone needs to contact them, they find that the address no longer exists.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to change the email address. So now, there’s 40 books on Bloom library uploaded by an email address that does not exist anymore.

Also if someone forgets their password, there doesn’t seem a way to reset it.

I think we could change their email address. Have them send their prior and current email and password (to prove they own this account) to