Changing CC version in license notice

it would be nice if the Creative Commons license version could be changed by users in Bloom, eg. from 4.0 to 3.0. We have a contract that specifies work will be published under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license, but Bloom won’t let me change the number. The workaround in a text editor is nice (and very useful to know about it for other things), but some people might not be able to safely follow those instructions.
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[Admin: edited to clarify this is about license, not copyright]

In addition, I have been informed that the Creative Commons license information produced by Bloom is incorrect. Bloom 4.3.4 is inserting a hyphen after the “CC” when there should only be a space. For example, I see “CC-BY-SA 4.0.” but I’m told the correct format is “CC BY-SA 4.0.”

Verified. Space is correct.
@James_MacDonell, can you confirm if this refers to the Paste Image Credits feature or something else? In other words, where are you seeing the abbreviation with the extra dash?

Yes, I am observing this when choosing Paste Image Credits on the Title Page of any publication (after images with rights information have already been inserted).

Thanks, @James_MacDonell.
I’ve created a card for the space vs dash issue in our bug tracker.

The abbreviation format is fixed as of (yet unreleased) version 4.6.

I think this could be a useful feature for filling in copyright information about images you’ve used, since if an image does use a CC 3.0 license, we should really reflect that. So as to not complicate things for users, you could totally have a default value of 4.0, which you’re then able to change if you need.

I’d also like to point out (in case anyone’s wondering) that if you use CC BY-SA 3.0 images, you’re perfectly entitled to release a book under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Yeah. We’d plan to do something like this mockup:

Feedback welcome.