Change text background color in full screen landscape mode

Hello everyone,

In the full screen landscape mode, Is there a way to change the overlay color or the opacity? The readability is very poor especially if the background image is light in color. Someone please help me with it. Thanks in advance!

This is what I would try.

In the Illustrations and Video section of the Styles look for the div.caption and add the CSS
opacity: 0.8 and see if that changes anything.
Then try the same for span.caption

I don’t have time to test just now.

Some times exporting the HTML for the book and looking at class attributes in the HTML can give a clue of what to change. However the landscape view is using some non-standard trick for that view. So it may not help in this case.

Hi Ian,
Thank you for the prompt response.

I tried both the suggested changes but they didn’t work.

I also tried the modifying the following tags as well- div.pc, div.txs, div.txs.selected . Changing the css of the tags updates the styling in the default portrait view but doesn’t have any effect in the landscape view.

Is there any other way to address this?