Change copyright language and keep CC Logo

Hello team! I need to change the creative common text from English to Thai. I know that I can do it under customs, but then the Logo does not show. How can I have both the (BY NC) Logo and the Thai text together?
Thanks for your help.

Many of the words, phrases, and sentences used in Bloom are uploaded to a website called In this way, those words, phrases, and sentences can be translated (localized) into other languages. The Bloom team does not do that work of localizing all those words – volunteers do.

I just checked the copyright phrases for Thai and see that they have not been translated. In this case, you will get the default English.

If you know of a Thai speaker skilled in translation willing to help us (perhaps you?), they should register at and request permission to make a contribution to Bloom’s localisation.


Here’s the link for the Bloom Crowdin project.

Here’s a link to the particular set of creative commons strings that need to be translated in Thai.