CC License but I want to add translated permissions in local language

I’m making a collection of shell books that were all originally produced as part of a project working with the Ministry of Education. The books intentionally have a CC license because they are keen for them to be as widely distributed as possible. This also allows for translation into local (any other) languages. However, if in the licensing edit box I click ‘Creative Commons’ then the text box below the ‘Custom’ permissions box is greyed out, understandably. However, I want to use this text box to paste the CC permissions in Khmer, which I have taken from the original books. The only problem is that if I select ‘Custom’ to enable putting text in this box, then the book does not appear to have a CC license (the logo isn’t on the page because I have selected ‘Custom’ instead of ‘Creative Commons’.

So I guess this is a feature request. Can the developers make it so that, if a CC license is selected, then still make the option available to put translated text about the permissions that license entails?

Hang on a minuteǃ I’ve just checked the other books I made in this same collection and on those I was able to select ‘Creative Commons’ AND ‘Custom’ to enable putting info in the text box at the bottom. This is maybe a Bloom on Linux problem (I’m using Unity desktop because the text editing doesn’t work with Gnome).

Ignore all this. I just clicked in the text box while CC was also selected and it worked fine. Still a problem publishing to library on Linux using Unity. Cinnamon definitely works.