Can't type in the Keyman Proxy Server Configuration screen

In the Keyman options for configuring a proxy server I can’t type in any of the four fields. I can paste into each field from the Windows clipboard so I had to put the text I wanted in Notepad, select it and copy it to the Windows clipboard and then paste it into each proxy server field.

Hi @JonHughes
I can replicate this issue intermittently, and created issue 2471 to track this.

Are you also using Keyman Desktop stable on Windows 10?

In the meantime, another possible workaround is to keep tabbing through the fields until you can start to edit them…

Yes, I’m running on Windows 10. Tabbing through the fields doesn’t seem to make any difference no matter how much I do that.

It seems the bug is triggered whenever I mouse-click on a field before typing.

I suggesting clicking “Proxy Settings…” and immediately start typing. It should start filling out the “Server” field even though it doesn’t look active (light blue outline).

Nothing works for me except the cut and paste from the clipboard into each field. So, in any case, it’s working and I’m content to wait for a bug fix in some future release.

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