Can't run iOS App in Simulator, Android works


I am trying to run iOS DAB App in Simulator. I follow the instructions by starting the simulator, building the app (with no errors), and drag and drop the app into the simulator window. I can see in the simulator the app being installed. After it’s installed, I click on the app, the screen goes white for a few seconds (the ‘Carrier’ text and wifi and battery icons are visible) and then disappears.

I have not set up the iOS Signing or the Apple ID yet, I want to test that it works in the simulator first. From the instructions, it seems that iOS signing and Apple ID are not required to run the app in the simulator.

I am able to build and install the Android app with no issues.

Any suggestions appreciated. Here are the software versions I’m using:

macOS version 10.13.6
DAB version 10.3.1
Xcode version 10.1

I forgot to mention, I am using a LIFT file exported from FieldWorks.


I’m not sure what the actual problem was, but I upgraded the Mac I’m using to the latest OS, and now I can build and run iOS DAB in Simulator and TestFlight.