Can't open Keyman 10

I downloaded Keyman v. 10 desktop and Classical Greek font on my Windows 8 computer but the program will not open. I need advice!

Can you provide some more details? It sounds as though you have downloaded and installed Keyman Desktop version 10 (from

In addition you need the keyboard information to allow Keyman Desktop to reinterpret the keystrokes you type. In this case it seems you want to be able to type Classical Greek. Have you downloaded (and installed into Keyman Desktop) one of the keyboards from the list ( of Greek keyboards?

In addition you will need a font that can properly display the Greek text. Do you have such a font installed?

If you can provide some additional details of what you’ve installed, perhaps we can help you find what’s missing.

Mr. Rowe:

Thanks for the offer to help. I am a retired professor of Spanish & German at Harding University in Searcy AR that is affiliated with the Church of Christ. I’ve also studied French, Italian, Old English, Provencal, and Latin. I had a summer of Classical Greek some 25 years ago and I want to be able to type in both Greek and English for grammar and vocabulary purposes in my study in the New Testament. I have read most of the Koine New Testament and can understand about 50% but I am deficient in both vocabulary and grammar.

Going to Google I first encountered Keyman 6.0 which I installed and also downloaded a Classical Greek font but I don’t know which–I don’t see in Word font list. That program didn’t open from the Keyman icon. In further searching I found version 10. I downloaded it, but it wouldn’t open either. I decided to uninstall version 6 but version 10 will still not open. I saw somewhere that Palatino Linotype has the Greek characters and I have that in my Word font list. My computer has Windows 8.

On the keyboard link you sent I don’t know which of the several Greek fonts would be suitable. Ideally I’d like to study vocabulary in a 2-column table in Word, Greek to the left then switch to English to type in the right column. For grammar purposes I’d like to type paradigmes of verbs in tenses, especially participles, ands noub and adjective declensions.

Having installed version 6 may mean that there are files which the uninstall feature did not delete–they may interfere with version 10.

If the program installs, do I choose Palatino Linotype before I open Keyman or after? Please explain how Keyman works with Word.

God bless, Noble Goss

The Keyman Desktop program allows you to load one or more packages. Each package defines a new keyboard, that is, the different characters that are generated when you press various keys. Those characters are then displayed in whatever font you choose.

For example, with Keyman Desktop 10 installed, you could then install the SIL Greek Polytonic keyboard ( When you select that keyboard (using the icon in the system tray) then your keystrokes produce Greek characters.

You may be interested in the Gentium Plus font ( which contains a complete set of Greek characters. (Currently Gentium Plus has only Regular and Italic; it doesn’t have Bold or Bold Italic.)

I would suggest uninstalling Keyman 6, if you haven’t already, then installing Keyman 10, then installing the SIL Greek Polytonic keyboard.

On the Help page for Keyman Desktop (, click on the “Step-by-step Guide” for detailed instructions on using Keyman.

Mr. Rowe: I uninstalled Keyman 6.0 and installed Keyman 10.0 and the Greek Polytonic font. The problem is I can’t get Keyman to open. I click on the Keyman icon and nothing happens.

Noble Goss