Can't install Cipher Music on IOS 13, and some input does not work

I want to install Cipher Music Keyboard to my iPhone, I follow the instrustions ‘Installing Custom Keyboards’. On my new iPhone with IOS 13, I cannot ‘Open in Keyman’, and I tried my old iPhone with IOS 11, I installed it.

Both in my iPhone and my Mac, I just can input the following, from 1-8
double for dot over number: 1̇,
triple for dot under number 1̣, it works very well.

But cannot have underline under the numebr,
double ‘-’ can put ‘-’ above the letter: 1̅,
but triple ‘-’ only put one more ‘-’ after: 1̅-

Also I cannot add underdot under an underline, overdot after an underline, single barline, slur… all cannot input. I am using Mac OS Catalina.

I’ll have to review the documentation again. Have you looked at it? I think the keyboard prevents some of the combinations from happening on purpose.

The second issue is that the font is primarily a Graphite font (the OpenType is not complete for the slurs) and so the display may not be correct because the application does not support Graphite.

Thanks Lorna.

Yes, I followed the documentation, I marked what can be done, and what cannot be done on the attached image.

Also I found that all Ctrl + Shift are not functioned.

I am using Mac OS X Catalina, keyman + Cipher Music kmp.

I’ve just looked at the source file. All the ones that say “CTRL” should say “Right CTRL”. I’ll have to change that. But, before I do, can you actually type a RCTRL on macOS?

For the - and = rotas you must switch to Chinese for the second one to work (the below ones are for Chinese, the above ones are for Indonesian). Switching to Chinese cipher is documented in the readme.htm file (but not in the welcome.htm or online file. I’ll need to add that. Here is what the readme says:

The default for this keyboard is to type Indonesian cipher ( kepatihan ) where overlines are used. If you wish to use Chinese cipher ( jianpu ) that is also possible with this keyboard. Go to Keyman Configuration , select the keyboard, click on Keyboard options and choose Chinese cipher . You may need to exit Keyman configuration before the default behavior changes.

After doing these things, let me know which ones are still a problem for you and I’ll try to update the keyboard with better instructions and if needed change RCTRL to something else if macOS cannot use that.

The standard keyboard bundled with Mac has no RCTRL key, only a few mac users bought the Mac keyboard with Numeric Keypad that has RCTRL.

In Keyman Configuration, press ‘?’, there is a instruction, saying that using RCTRL, so I did try on Keyman On Scrren Keyboard. but when I use mouse to press right control, both control key highlighted.

There are Control , Option, Command, Function, and Shift key on mac keyboard, I did try them all.

I cannot find Chinese Cipher, and don’t know how to switch to Chinese Cipher?

And I tried using my Chinese IME, it doesn’t work.

I found that, Shift + Control, or Shift + Command is used by Apple for shortcut, cannot be IME.
shift + command + 3 : Save picture of screen as a file
shift + command + 4 : Save picture of selected area as a file
shift + command + 5 : Screenshot and recording options

Below is the default key for mac:

          	`   	1   	2   	3   	4   	5   	6   	7   	8   	9   	0   	-   	=   

Shift ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * () ) _ +

Option ` ¡ ™ £ ¢ ∞ § ¶ • ª º – ≠

Shift Option ` ⁄ € ‹ › fi fl ‡ ° · ‚ — ±

May be it is a good idea to use option key for input.

We are starting to recommend using only Shift, RAlt and RAlt+Shift modifiers for desktop-style keyboards. This restriction makes keyboards more cross-platform safe and also has the lowest risk of conflict with system and or application shortcut keys even on Windows.

The Alt modifier in Windows is mapped to the Option key on macOS. We do not recommend ever using the Ctrl key on either platform.

Per that and other issues, we need to do some work on the Keyman side to map RAlt modifiers to plain Option on macOS when a keyboard uses RAlt but not LAlt modifiers.

One keyboard-level workaround is to have platform-specific rules, e.g.

platform('mac') + [ALT K_A] > ...
+ [RALT K_A] > ...

See also issue #734 and issue #364. Plus documentation work of course.

If you modify the code, I have a suggestion. It is good to turn Cipher Music keyboard into two, one is indonesia Cipher, one is Chinese JianPu>

I think it is good for three parties, indonesia users and Chinese users can make less keystroke more efficient for input, and you developers have more keys to use.

If you have new version, please notify me, I would like to test for you.

Most people in Hong Kong, are using JianPu, only those who learn western instruments can read staff.

I’ve added your list of requests to issue 947 that @Lorna will try to investigate later this week.


I have to say, you guys are doing a great job. Using input method to input unicode for JianPu is the only and right solution. We can use any editor to edit, and save in any format. It becomes portable, editable for everybody.

Thanks a lots!

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We have updated the keyboard:
I didn’t split the keyboard because I do not want to try to maintain two different keyboards that are almost the same.

These are the changes I made (and they are reflected in the documentation now).

  • Moved all LCTRL SHIFT keys to RALT
  • Moved all LCTRL keys to RALT
  • Added RALT+ - and RALT+ = to switch between kepatihan and jianpu
  • Changed language code from in to id.

The SIL Cipher Music was also originally intended to be desktop only, so platform support for iOS and Android were removed.

Thanks Lorna for your prompt update, I tried
this morning, and I can do the following.

Keyboard Output
1 1
1 1 1
1 R option ,
1 R option .
1 1 - - 1̲̇
1 - - R option , 1̲̇
1 - - R option . 1̲̣
1 = = R option , 1̳̇
1 = = R option . 1̳̣
8 8
8 8 8
8 8 8 8
R option 1 𝄀
R option 2 𝄁
R option 3 𝄂
R option 4 𝄃
R option 5 𝄆
R option 6 𝄇

I still fail to do the following

  1. slur
    R option{ R option } seems not working, should I have to install any fonts?
  2. middle dot
    Do you mean to use Chinese Input Method to type the Chinese middle dot?
    It is cumsy to do that, better finish it in Keyman input method.
    6・ 6·
  3. tie
    1̲̇͡7̲|6· 5̲3̲2̲3 |

By the way, I want to ask, if there is triplet in unicode?

Best Regards


Thanksi Dancy,

I agree most people are using desktop to do the music job, even I am using Mac. The iPad users are getting more and more, the singers and music players will bring iPads with them instead of notebook, they may want to edit their song sheets directly in the iPad.

I think mobile version should not be ignored in the near future, when you guys have time, may consider to add it back or not.

We’d love to support the mobile version, but because most mobile devices do not support displaying the slurs, it would be a mixed experience. There are very few mobile apps and devices that support the Graphite font needed for this to work :frowning:

  1. For the slurs, you do need to use the Doulos SIL Cipher font that is installed with the keyboard. However, the slurs ONLY work with Graphite applications such as LibreOffice or Firefox. We were not able to make the slurs work in OpenType.

  2. Middle dot is RALT (R option) + /

  3. U+0361 is not in the font or the keyboard. I think where you are using that is where a slur would be used.

Can you show me what you mean by a triplet? The slurs will cross multiple characters (possibly 5-6, I can’t remember).