Can't find how to type IPA pre-nasalized superscript /nd/ usinɡ new Keyman

Hi all,
The language we are working on has pre-nasalized initial stops and I am trying to type a prenasalised /nd/ using the Keyman 11 IPA keyboard for Windows 10. Yes that first sound /n/ should be a superscript! Well spotted!
But alas I cannot see where that little superscript /n/ has gone on the new IPA keyboard! Yes I have downloaded the pdf driving instructions for IPA! Thank you for taking the time to make that! But to my chagrin superscript /n/ is nowhere to be found.
You used to be able to type SHIFT+6 then the letter n and lo and behold you would have a superscript /n/!! Not anymore. Now you can type SHIFT+4 and scroll through all 32 options or the SHIFT+5 and another 25 options will find you an upside down superscript /n/ ᵘ which looks a normal direction but superscript /u/ but comes immediately before an upside-down superscript /m/ ᵐ. But I am digressing…
The superscript /m/ works a charm! Used that already for /ᵐb/! Love it! Not to mention the superscript ŋ as in /ᵑg/. Just wish I could find that superscript /n/!
I did find another pdf from Martin Hoskins dated Feb 2018 which is for Keyman IPA keyboard. I think it is out of date… (98. ⁿ n^ 425 207F Superscript N nasal release)
Any and all help greatly appreciated!
Oh and I also would like a superscript /i/. Lots of varieties of i to choose from in the superscript world of Keyman 11 /ᵎ ᶤ ᶥ ᶧ/ but alas no plain old vanilla superscript i.

I think I may have found the problemǃǃǃ
I had downloaded IPA Total rather than SIL IPA…
I just searched for IPA keyboards and IPA Total comes before SIL IPA on the page. Didn’t see SIL IPA. Only saw IPA Total. So thought to myself that must be the IPA keyboard. Wow. Could have saved myself a couple of hours of frustration if I’d seen the SIL IPA hiding further down the page (off screen).
Looks like it does all the “normal” IPA stuff that I’m used toǃ YAYǃǃ
Seriously guys change the order these appear on the page…
And tell me how to uninstall the IPA Total keyboard. It’s not nice and it’s not total…

Greg, what page were you on where you saw IPA Total before the SIL IPA keyboard? I hope we can fix this so others don’t get confused.

ic, the keyboard search results on the Keyman website

give an order

  1. BU keyboard
  2. IPATotal
  3. LingfilSemitica
  4. SIL IPA

And tell me how to uninstall the IPA Total keyboard

The steps are from

  1. In the lower-right menu, click on “Keyman” and then “Configuration…”
  2. Select the “Keyboard Layouts” tab
  3. Click the “X” for the keyboard you want to uninstall

Thanks Darcy!
Yeah appearing as number 4 in the list and off the bottom of the screen certainly makes it less likely it will be three first one installed…

These are returned in alphabetical order in the keyboard search.

I’d like to include a shortcut at the top when one searches for “IPA” with a link to the page which is a dedicated home page for IPA keyboards. (That dedicated home page for IPA keyboards is also a link from the Keyboards menu and on the home page of :slight_smile:).

We’ve got a lot of work to do on the keyboard search so this issue feeds nicely into that.

The next version of Keyman will show the IPA keyboards home page first when you search for IPA. The pre-release site is visible at:

The “Bu” one got migrated. Can that landing page change the link to “Bu Phonetic” (

I believe the updated link for BU Phonetic is in place now.