Cannot record in Talking Book Tool

CT wrote:

Using Bloom 4.1.15 Audio recording tool does not respond. The microphone is hooked up and working properly. I see the bars go up when I talk, but it will not record and none of the buttons work. I could not find a solution from the forum page. Thanks for any help you can give.

Sorry you’re having this issue.
Could you provide a little more detail?

Are you pressing and holding the record button as long as you speak and then releasing the record button once you are finished recording? Are you receiving any errors?


Well, I think there is some egg on my face…
You reported this in our issue tracking system, and I reposted it for you here, asking you to post questions here for the sake of others.

However, because you submitted your report through Bloom, we received your log file which shows there is a problem with the message which is supposed to be displayed if you don’t hold down the record button long enough.

So, to summarize, I think if you hold down the record button during the length of your speaking it should resolve your issue.
And we have a bug preventing such a helpful message from being displayed in Bloom itself (which we will fix).


TU Andrew. I registered so that I can use this site and make comments, etc. And I fixed by email address. I see that I just needed to hold down the button as I saw in the “help” file when I went back and looked. Sorry to have troubled you. I thought it was intuitive, that one just presses the button, but one must hold it down, alas.
Thanks again.

You weren’t troubling us. You showed us a bug in the program that we needed to fix, so other people won’t have the same problem you did. Thank you!