Cannot paste into wall calendar setup dialog

In Bloom’s wall calendar setup, pasting seems to be disabled. This makes it hard for languages that don’t yet have a keyboard layout but use non-standard characters.

From what I can see, the Wall Calendar template has a place for an image at the top and a quote below.
The paste option is available for the images and you can also paste text using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+V) if text is already on the clipboard.

Is that what you’re needing? Or something else?

My problem is specifically with the “Setup” dialog that comes up when you start to create a wall calendar. This is the place where you set up the names of the months and the days of the week. In this dialog, copy and paste keyboard shortcuts appear to be disabled. In any case, I cannot find a way to paste into month names or day of the week names. So while I can change the images and the quotes on the calendar via copy and paste, I cannot do so with month names and days of the week.

Let me know if this is not the case for your copy of Bloom. I just checked it with version 3.9.2 on my computer and on another computer. I can work around it for now by using editing the registry and using alt-codes, but others on my project don’t feel comfortable fooling with the registry on their own and would much rather copy and paste from Character Map or somewhere else.

Hi Andrew,
I’m sorry about this bug, which I can confirm. Thanks very much for letting us know. I have created this problem report in our bug system for you.