Cannot log in to language depot

Am trying to connect forge with a flex project but cannot connect to language depot through forge. Error message ‘the username or password isn’t valid on’. Can anyone help? This is happening on my phone but also happened on my tablet a while back. I haven’t managed to connect successfully yet to language depot. Thanks.


Hi Ian,

Unfortunately the username/passwords for Langauge Depot and Language Forge are managed separately and are likely different for you. I recommend that you try to login to Language Depot at with the username and password that you think you use, and use the forgot password link if you don’t know your password. Once you know your Language Depot username/password, you can use it on the Language Forge new project wizard to connect the two.

Hope this helps.


Hi Chris. Thanks for your reply. What you describe is what I’ve done. I even changed my passwords to be the same for both forge and depot. I can log into each separately, but cannot use my depot credentials when trying to connect the 2.

Correction: I made both usernames the same but the passwords are different. I also use keepass for my myriad passwords so it’s not even a case of typing it wrong. Confused …

So it seems Language Forge
doesn’t like copy/paste from Keepass for the password. Typing it
in manually worked.

Hi Ian,

Glad you got it working. I’m not aware of anyone else having copy/paste issues with the password field. If you can determine the exact cause of the issue to file a bug with us ( please feel free to do so.


Could it be that Keepass fills in the password for Language Forge where the password for Language Depot is expected?