Cannot install Tigrinya keyboard on Android 11 tablet


I am using Keyman for quite some time on my Windows devices and it worked also on my Android devices in the past. But now I’ve tried to install the Tigrinya keyboard (ggf_tigrinya_eritrea.kmp) on my Samsung Tab S7 (Android 11). Even though the English keyboard works without any problems I cannot install the Tigrinya keyboard. Everytime I try to install it an error message pops up “No valid touch optimization keyboards to install” (in German: “Tastaturpaket enthält keine berührungsoptimierte Tastatur, die installiert werden könnte”).

I also tried to download the keyboard package (ggf_tigrinya_eritrea.kmp) first and to install it then via the Keyman app. But it didn’t work as well.

Do you have any ideas how I could solve the issue?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Hello and welcome to our community. I just tried it on my Android 11 and am getting a similar message.
I discovered that unfortunately, that keyboard does not actually have a touch layout as yet. I’m not sure why the mobile page: Keyman for Tigrigna (Ethiopia) says it’s available. If you look at it in a browser it does not list it.

So, right now you can’t use it on Android. However, I believe the Ethiopian version of that keyboard has an android layout: If that isn’t suitable for your needs, you may wish to lobby @dyacob to update the Eritrean version.

Hi @MKCA ,

My thanks to you and @Lorna for bringing this to my attention. On my end, it has mostly been a matter of prioritizing time to make the updates. Now that you have expressed interest, I will act to prepare the update for the keyboard, though it may still be a wait of around 2 weeks. I can post back here when it is ready for download.

kind regards,


Thanks @Lorna and @dyacob for your quick response and help! It’s much appreciated.

It would be great to have the Tigrinya (Eritrea) version being updated so that it works on Android as well. Thanks @dyacob for letting us know when it is ready for download.

In the meantime I will give it a try with the Tigriyna (Ethiopia) keyboard.

Unfortunately, I cannot install the “Keyman for Tigrigna (Ethiopia)” keyboard as well.

I get the same error message when I download the gff_tigrinya_ethiopia file and try to install it. Installing it directly from the Keyman Android app does neither work with the Ethiopia version nor with the Eritrea version.

Yes, the information on the page Lorna linked to is out of date. I think there was a ‘test’ version of that keyboard created at one point but it doesn’t currently support mobile devices. Hopefully @dyacob is able to prepare an update for that one as well at the same time? :slight_smile:

You are right. My records were wrong. I did just install this keyboard on my phone.

It says it supports Tigre, I don’t know if it would support Tigrigna, but I suspect from the documentation that it would.

Thanks @Marc and Lorna!

I’ll wait for @dyacob’s update… :grinning: