Cannanore Portuguese Creole

alhyeah verb look,see (Portuguese olhar)
baith adj great
bole n flat bread made with rice flour,desiccated coconut, salt and water (derived from Portuguese bolo meaning cake)
bebe verb drink
calma/culma verb calm, cool
cante verb sing
casar n marriage
chamada verb call/calling
cunhada/(o) n sister in law/ brother in law
chinela(o) n slipper
cumay verb eat (Portuguese comer)
consoad (consvad) n Christmas sweets/goodies (Original Portuguese Consoado - traditional Christmas eve dinner)
doce adj sweet
dhrumeeh verb sleep (Portuguese dormir)
egree (pronounced igree) verb rise up, wake up (from Portuguese erguer)
foogath n any stir fried vegetable side dish. (Derived from Portuguese Refogar meaning saute)
igreja n church
impay verb stand
janela n window
roupa n clothes/undergarments
sapat n shoes
sentar verb sit
marche verb walk
meijod n socks, stocking [ Probably combination of Portuguese meias (socks) and Malayalam jody (pair)]
pente n comb
porta n door
pirees n saucer
quente (kaynthe) adj hot
renda n lace
vai verb go
vee verb come (Original Portuguese vir)

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