Can you add support for Version 3 of the Google Play Developer API to DAB?

Today, when I logged in to Google Play Console, a banner with the following message appeared, “We’ve detected that your app is using an old version of the Google Play Developer API. From December 1 2019, versions 1 and 2 of this API will no longer be available. Update to version 3 before this date. Learn more.”

In the next version of DAB, can you add support for Version 3 of the Google Play Developer API? This should definitely be taken care of before December 1st of this year.

@rootkoreandeveloper thanks for the feed back. I’ll pass this on to the developers.

@Ian_McQuay Thanks! Hopefully, they can resolve this issue in the next version of DAB. Version 6.0 is amazing! Keep up the great work.

The android app itself doesn’t use the Google Play Developer API. How are you publishing your app to Google Play? If you are using a tool to do that, then that tool needs to be updated.

For example, Scriptoria (which is a publishing service that SIL operates to publish SAB/RAB/DAB apps to Google Play) uses a library from There is an open isssue ( for them to upgrade their Google Play API usage from v2 to v3.

@chrisvire I am using DAB 6.0 and Amazon Corretto to build my app √Root Korean: A Hanja Dictionary. I published my app using the UI in the Google Play Console.