Can you add highlighting for Android tablets?

I developed the app √Root Korean: A Hanja Dictionary.

For my app, when a user searches for a word on Android tablet, that word is not highlighted on the screen with his or her search results.

In the next update, can you add highlighting for Android tablets?

So you are saying it works on a phone but not on a tablet?

How many tablets have you tested it on?

Yes, that is correct. I have tested it on 2 tablets. You can see what I mean on the web page for my app on Google Play.

I would give you a link to that web page, but I can’t add links to my posts right now. Can you grant me the ability of adding links to my posts?

@Ian_McQuay added link:

@Ian_McQuay As of the most recent version (1.2.8) of my app √Root Korean: A Hanja Dictionary built with DAB 6.0, this issue has been resolved. If a user searches for a monosyllabic Korean or Traditional Chinese word in my app on a tablet, that word should be highlighted in the search results.