Can you add a variable %version-date% to the 'About' section?

In the next update, can you add a variable %version-date% to the ‘About’ section of DAB that displays the date that the current version of an app was built using DAB?

For example, if I built an app on April 27, 2019, and then updated that app to a new version on April 28, 2019, the variable %version-date% should display the text ‘April 28, 2019’ when users of that app look at the ‘About’ tab of that app.

Yes, great idea. Since we plan to keep adding new entries to our dictionary, it would help our support for our users if they could easily tell us what version they are using.

Normal users hardly know where to go down in the technical basement of Android to look this up.

There could be another line saying “This version contains nnnn entries.” which would encourage users to allow/actively-search our updates via Google Play. Because with each update, they would not only get a more stable version, but also get more entries.

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