Can we request that certain books be brought into BLOOM from Dash, Pratham, or ASB?

I would love it if this book were brought into the Pratham bookshelf.

Of course i could just download each image, but it would be so nice if I didn’t have to, and having the attributions worked out appropriately will helpl!

I believe that if you sign up for an account on Pratham’s site you’ll be able to download a copy (probably a PDF). Then you could work from that to build the Bloom version.

Yes, you can download a copy, epub or pdf, but that doesn’t just mean you can easily put it into BLOOM. But they haven’t made it easy. You have to download each image, then reassemble it within BLOOM.

Maybe not easy, but not hard. This is how various volunteers boostrapped, converting hundreds of the shell books we have today. At this point, it’s up the Bloom community to pick up the job and keep it growing.

The StoryWeaver stories and illustrations are available under Creative
Commons licenses so users may read, share, download or print the content.

There is a form that needs to be completed on the StoryWeaver website
before the download link is provided for Hi-res PDF or Epub:

  •    Organization name, what the organization does
  •    Purpose of download
  •    Countries where the content will be used
  •    Estimate of number of children who will have access to the content
  •    Languages you would like to download
  •    How many stories to download
  •    Story format

If the books can be reproduced in Bloom, then someone needs to manually
recreate them. One option would be to just copy the text and images from
the PDF. But the images can be downloaded separately from the Images tab.
(You just need to look at the end of the book to find the names of the
images used).