Can not install kmp in iOS 13

When I share KMP file to Keyman app, shows “Error, Unable to copy keyboard files to file system”.
And do nothing.

Hi Eric, welcome to the Keyman community!

What is the name of the keyboard? Is it available on If not, could you share it with us so we can test and take a closer look at it.

Also, what is the version of Keyman for iOS are you using?

Hi makara,

Thanks for your reply.
I comile kmp file from window application:

If I download from web site ,it show can’t open.

My app version is 12.0.51

Hi @eric80222,

Yes, that is definitely a bug you’ve encountered. The good news is that you can avoid the problem by opening the website in Safari or another browser and installing the package from there.

I’ve documented the bug to be fixed at

Eric, I ought to feel better that one more soul shoulders the weight of this error!

Hi everyone,

I have a similar but not identical problem. Also on iOS 13 (13.1.3). I created a kpm file for a Russian predictive text model. I was able to successfully install and use in on Android. But on my iOS when I try to open the link in Safari or in e-mail, the package gets opened and I can see individual files, but nothing I do can force Keyman to install the package. I also cannot use the option “Add Dictionary” when using the Russian keyboard.

Hi Anna,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

That doesn’t sound good! Can you share a screenshot of when the package gets opened? It sounds like iOS isn’t registering .kmp with Keyman, and the file is being treated as a .zip instead. But would need to test to make sure. Feel free also to email the package to me so I can try on my phone (I think you have my email :wink: )

Thank you Mark. Here’s the screenshot. I will send you the model file and the video of exactly what I am doing.

Thanks Anna. I received the email and we understand that the issue was the file was loading into Google Drive. The resolution was to use first the download icon to load it into Google Drive on your device (as opposed to in the web browser), followed by the share menu or the ‘kebab menu’ (three dots) to select ‘Copy to Keyman’.

Yes, it’s a bit complicated and the current process should be written up with screenshots!