Can not install kmp in iOS 13

When I share KMP file to Keyman app, shows “Error, Unable to copy keyboard files to file system”.
And do nothing.

Hi Eric, welcome to the Keyman community!

What is the name of the keyboard? Is it available on If not, could you share it with us so we can test and take a closer look at it.

Also, what is the version of Keyman for iOS are you using?

Hi makara,

Thanks for your reply.
I comile kmp file from window application:

If I download from web site ,it show can’t open.

My app version is 12.0.51

Hi @eric80222,

Yes, that is definitely a bug you’ve encountered. The good news is that you can avoid the problem by opening the website in Safari or another browser and installing the package from there.

I’ve documented the bug to be fixed at