Can not create an installer for Keyman keyboard

I tried to create an installer for new keyboard using version I am using Windows 10. I clicked the Compile Installer button. I get the following error message: The installer could not be build because msi file was missing. See image below.

I expected to be prompted for the filename of the installer to be created. I tried adding filenames in the Windows Installer box for Target filename and Keyman MSI. Neither text boxes would let me enter any characters.

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? The documentation on the web site was not helpful for this situation. I want to share the installer with a colleague to verify they are happen with the keyboard before upload it to the web site for distribution.

You’ll need to click the Find Keyman MSI button to locate keymandesktop.msi. You can download this file from

Here is a similar thread for more instructions: Missing MSI file - #13 by darcy.

Thanks. That got the Compiler installer to work. Now I am lost to what to do next. I want to the send keyboard to a colleague so that he can install the keyboard on his computer. I want him to check it out and verify that it meets their needs, before uploading it to your webiste. I 'm not sure what i should send him so that he can install it on his computer. Also what instructions should I give him to install. The documentation is not clear on that.

When you build the installer, that should create a .exe file that you can send to your colleague. They can just double-click the .exe file on Windows to install it.

(If on other platforms, then forget the installer – you’ll need to get them to install Keyman first, then send them the .kmp file and they can install that.)

You should find the .exe and .kmp files in your build folder notified in the Messages window at the bottom of the Keyman Developer UI.

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Thanks. That was what I needed to know.

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Thanks. Very helpful.

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