Can KMD16 compile hints for KM 17?

Hi, I installed KM 17.0.123 Alpha for Android hoping to see hint letters on some of my recent keyboards that have them defined. But they weren’t there, I still see the usual dots on keycaps where hint letters would be expected.

However, I am using the current stable KMD16 to build the .kmp files. Is this the issue? Or is it still too early with the KM17 pre-releases to see the hint letters?


Yep, too early :grin:. We hope hints will land with the feature-gestures branch in the next few months.

The existing 16.0 stable Developer should build the touch layout hints just fine.

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This conversation has been resolved.

The latest 17.0 alpha now includes support for the new gestures and the new “hint letters” you were looking for.

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