Can Keyman remain activated?

Can Keyman remain activated for all apps/programs? It is inconvenient when I have to activate it for our keyboard for different apps. Could one of your team members help me remotely with this issue?

Thank you,
Wayne Leman

What version of Keyman are you using? The latest version should never require one to activate it.

If you are referring to the fact that you’d like to keep a particular keyboard active for all apps/windows, you may want to go to Windows’ language preferences and change the default input method to the keyboard of your choice.

Here, I have a Keyman keyboard named “Khmer Angkor” set as a default input method. You may also want to uncheck “Let me use a different input method for each app and window”.

I have been replying by email but I don’t know if the Keyman team has been receiving my replies. Your responses to me arrive by email. But I got an email from a list server saying that the community help forum could not receive my message.

I am using version 14 of Keyman. Please I need help to keep my language keyboard turned on for all apps/windows. I have already tried both things you have suggested, the default keyboard and checking and unchecking the different keyboard method box. This problem of the keyboard changing with different apps and sometimes just dropping out after several hours is making my work difficult.

Could someone on the Keyman team help me remotely in case there is some fix that can keep my language keyboard active/enabled for all apps?

I have had this issue for several months. I have asked for help before.

For example, my language keyboard is not active again now, even though I used it several hours ago. I don’t know why it disconnects/disengages/stops being active.

A direct message has been sent to you regarding the time slots for a remote support session.

Two days ago I again tried unchecking the box for “Let me use a different input method”. Since then Keyman has been working correctly in all my apps. I have tried this setting before. Eventually something changes (I don’t know what) and the problem returns. Since everything is working correctly now, I would like to keep working without trying a remote session. But if something goes wrong again, I will contact you and ask for a remote session.