Can I use the same XHTML doc on PC and Mac?

Hello - I’m new to this group. I use a PC and just created an Android app with DAB - the APK was distributed online and so far so good. To create the app for iOS, can I use the existing XHTML docs (created through FLEx) and simply transfer them to a Mac machine, download DAB there, and then create the iOS DAB app from there? Or do the XHTML docs need to be created via Mac FLEx? Thanks!

Yes you can use the same XHTML, Be sure to also copy all the .CSS files that were generated at the same time.
You could copy over the project to the Mac but it requires some adjustments to the path in the .appdef file. That is not a beginner friendly activity.

Thank you so much! I might give it a try, but at least it is working on Android for now. I am familiar with the .css files, but making adjustments to the .appdef file is likely beyond my skill set. :wink: