Can I use Keyman 6.0 on Windows 10?

I use the Amharic language. I am used to Keyman 6.0. I used it for several years. Now as I am using a Windows 10 machine, I am somewhat forced to use version 9.0. I am frustrated very much with it, I pretty much correct every word as the keyboard has changed:

  1. Is there a way to use 6.0 on a Windows 10 machine? or,
  2. Is it possible to somewhat configure 9.0 so that it behaves as 6.0.

Example. What I used to accomplish by pressing three keys such as kbd, now I have to type kebede, HEEEEEELLLLPPPP

It looks like the issue is not with the version of Keyman, but the version of the Amharic keyboard. You might have used a different version of keyboard before, and now you are using another one. Could you please specify the name of the Keyboard that you use now and back when it was asking as you expected.

How can I find that out? Or which keyboard do I need to install? I dont remember installing one. Full disclosure, I am not a techy :slight_smile:
If i could get a step by step direction, that would be great.

There are several Ethiopic Keyman keyboards. Can you remember if it was an SIL keyboard or from Ge’ez? Was it for Amharic or Tigrinya or was it a generic Ethiopic keyboard? If you typed “kbd”, what would be the fidel output? That might help us figure out what keyboard you used to use.

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I do not know what keyboard I was using previously. I downloaded Keman 6.0 and off I went. I can show the difference below. The one I am using is Amharic GFF.

Keyman 6.0 kbd = ከበደ
Keyman 9.0 kebede = ከበደ

I prefer the first keyboard as i am so used to it and also I am finding it so difficult to change to the new one in that I lose my train of thought as I go back and correct pretty much every word i type. very frustrating.

You may have been using the Power Geez keyboard. I think you might find this keyboard will be similar to the one you are used to SIL Power-G Ethiopic. Since you already have Keyman installed you can choose the second download for “SIL Power-G Ethiopic only”.

You don’t understand how thankful I am. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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We are happy to help!