Can I set up a source book so users can change multiple pictures easily

Can I create a template book as a source book (based on 2 custom pages, LHS and RHS) and have the user be able to change every picture if needs be? (without having to unlock the book each time?)

Background to request:
In 2015 I made an alphabet book shell book using 2 custom made pages for Bougainville languages as a source book. Then used it to make a Rotokas alphabet book. (I probably just copied the two pages 12 times.) Now another project is thinking that having an alphabet book for each of the 9-10 languages they are working with might be a good thing. I’ve sent the Rotokas book as requested in case its useful.

Because its an alphabet book there are a lot of pictures in the book, 6 on each page and 2 pages per letter. They are locked. It would be nice if the national users don’t have to be taught how to unlock a book, and if they don’t have to do this each time they work on a book derived from the Rotokas book.

I’m guessing Bloom assumes that if a book is a shell books - the pictures stay the same. But in an alphabet book of course most of them will change from one language to the next. The pictures on the LHS page will probably all change and at least half the pictures on the RHS will change.

Is there a way I can set this book up so that users can make changes without having to change the setting to allow for changes every time they open the file up?

I’m thinking that if it’s an alphabet book, what you want is a template, not a shellbook. The idea is that you use the “Template Starter”, and then people will see your pages in the “Add Page” dialog.

I think that is it. Will go see how I do that. Thanks so much.

Can I make existing templates out of the two pages I have already perfected? Or change the alphabet book template book that I made into proper template book? Or do I have to go through all the set up again?

Can I make existing templates out of the two pages I have already perfected?

Sure. Copy the pages, one at a time, and paste them into a new template book.


I think what you want to do is precisely to make a ‘Template’ book…Bloom
specifically supports making books that are not shells (already-written
books ready to translate) but templates (collections of empty page layouts
ready for authors to add text and pictures, like Basic Book).

Try making a book using Template Starter (in the Sources for New books).
Copy and paste your pages into it (and give them names). When you make a
book from the resulting template, it won’t be locked. And you can even make
books from other templates, and if your template is around, the Add Pages
dialog will offer your pages as options!

There should be more about it in Help.


I made the template by copying the pages I had already in custom pages and think I worked it all out. Thanks again. I uploaded the template to Bloom library in case anyone wants it.