Can I make the whole keyboard's height taller (touch keyboard)?

Is there a way to increase the height of the whole keyboard or maybe each row?

I’m basing this Pashto keyboard on the Gboard Pashto Keyboard. With so many characters, there needs to be 4 character rows (above the row with the spacebar). As you can see the Gboard one is much taller, about 722px vs. Keyman’s 513px. Taller keys allow for much more vertical room for each key in this crowded keyboard. Is there a way to make the Keyman one taller?


This is something we plan to work on in an upcoming release. Follow to track work on it (we encourage users to ‘vote’ for issues using the smiley face on the page if they are keen to see them implemented – it helps us prioritise).

I am also interested in this feature.