Can anyone Tell me how to the Keyman 14 documentation?

I can and have keyman 4.0 documentation (keyman40.pdf).
Please help.


You can get the user guide here.


The one @Kent_Schroeder provided is specifically for Keyman Developer 14, but if you prefer to see any documentation of any of Keyman products, click on any product to see its documentation.

Here is how the page should look.

These documentations are shown per current version, 14.0. If you prefer to see other version of the documentations, click on Other versions on the top-right corner of the page.

Thank you for your quick responce. I have used keyman 9. One of the things it told me about is creating text menus which I got working well. What I was really hoping for was PDF explaining how to do these more esoteric functions. One of the videos spoke of cyclic keys that with each press the next glyph would be displayed; eg: ·a̍̍͡r·e̍̍͡r·i̍̍͡r·o̍̍͡o·o̍̍͞o·o̍̍͡r·o̍̍͡w·o̍̍͡r·u̍̍͡r·y̍·


Julian Griffin

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Thank you.

Keyman documentation is very helpful, and sometimes looking through existing keyboards can be just as helpful. This post explains how to do a rota (cyclic keys), as well as linking you to a keyboard source file that uses a rota.