Can a custom font be installed on the phone?

I’m working with a script that has only recently been added to the Unicode standard and would like to build an Android Keyboard App which also includes the font along with the keyboard layout. Is this something that needs to be included in the .kmp file, or in the KAB settings, or both? I can see the fonts page in KAB and have added the font there, but can’t see how to get that installed on the device so that we get the right characters instead of Tofu boxes.

In Keyman Developer, you’ll need to add the font to the keyboard package and select it in the “Keyboards” tab --> “Keyboard font” and “Display font”.

But the Keyman Engine on Android can only ensure the font is used for rendering the OSK. We don’t have a way to install it as a system font.

Android does not support installing fonts system-wide. Some specific brands of Android devices have limited support for custom font installation, but it’s inconsistently supported and fragile.