Calendar template image size

A users asks:

I have a question about the calendar template in Bloom. I’d like to be able to increase or decrease the size of the picture above the text box but there are no options to alter the template. Do you have any workarounds?

You can use custom css as follows:

.calendarMonthTop .bloom-imageContainer {
    height: 365px;

where 365 is the current height to be adjusted to your desired height.
Note, that will change the size of every image in the calendar.
If you need to change pages individually, that is more difficult. Please reply if you have this need.

As always, be careful with custom css. It is one of those “void your warranty” things for advanced users.

Thank you for this!
I see that when I add this to the custom css file and open the html file for the calendar, the changes are made, but when I open Bloom, the changes aren’t reflected within the software. Any suggestions?


I think I found out why. I was not changing the custom CSS file in the COLLECTION folder, but in the BOOK folder. The not within the Custom CSS file was helpful. Thank you.