Burmese Unicode Problem

With the new release of Chrome Version 86.0.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit), Burmese (keyboard) in Keyman cannot be typed correctly. They become a mess every time I tried to type it. Could somebody please release bug fix or solve this problem, please?

Hi @Wai_Soe_Thein, welcome to the community!

This is a known issue in Chrome 86.0, which is being resolved by the Chrome team. A fix has been checked in and I hope it will be released shortly. Learn more at Backspace, Chrome/Edge 86 and Keyman

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Good news: a Chrome update fixing this problem has arrived; see Backspace, Chrome/Edge 86 and Keyman for details.

Great. Hope this solve the problem.

Hurray! Hope this fix all problem.