Bulk Edit Metadata

Is there a way to bulk edit metadata within in Saymore? I have a project with approximately 500+ sessions and would like to be able to edit the metadata for these files in something of a spreadsheet format without having to painstakingly click on each file and use dropdowns to put in the correct information or discover if the metadata has been filled in or not. Any ideas?

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Sorry, Kate, there is not a way to do that. Would it help much if you could add any/all of the session fields to the grid on the left so that it was easier to scan?

Yes! That would be helpful. Right now if I try to add date to the grid on the left and sort by it, it crashes the program and closes. I thought maybe it’s because not all the sessions have dates? but I’m not sure.

That would be helpful. Right now if I try to add date to the grid on the left and sort by it, it crashes the program and closes

Yikes. Let me see if we can get that fixed.

Another option, Kate, would be to use the CSV export, so that you could work in a spreadsheet program. The problem is getting it back into SayMore; we could probably do that in a week of programming, but unfortunately we don’t have anyone at the moment. Is this a project you need to do soon?

That would be wonderful to be able to edit the excel and import it back into Saymore, but I understand that that would take a lot of work. Somedays, I might make up to 12 seperate sessions, and when I add them into Saymore, it takes a lot of clicking just to get each session to have all the correct information that could very quickly be done by copying and pasting or dragging in an excel sheet. This is an ongoing project, so this feature while very useful isn’t urgent. I’ll just keep clicking :slight_smile:

Hmmm, yeah… I suppose there’s bulk-editing-to-get-read-for-archiving, and maybe that’s separate from Quickly-do-something-with-the-12-sessions-i-got-today?

I was at a meeting recently where Nikolaus Himmelmann was saying we need some kind of daily ingestion mode where you can quickly get the files off of the recorders and add some basic info. We didn’t get any more detailed then that, so I don’t really have a good enough picture on what that feature should be. If that triggers anything with you Kate or anyone else, I’d welcome back-of-a-napkin sketches of your ideal interactions.