Build lexicon

I have followed all the steps in the guide to build lexicon but when trying to build the package there is a message that the MSI file is missing? your advice please

Please provide the following info:

  1. What step have you been up to when you experience this?
  2. Can you share the lexical project folder with me via Google Drive using DM?
  3. Also, what is your Keyman Developer version?
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1-when i try to compile installer
2- link to project

3- developer version 16

I’m looking into the project you’ve sent and I don’t see the error you mentioned. It doesn’t mention anything about MSI.

I’m wondering if you have time for a live support session. It could be later today or early next week.

I asked how we can solve this issue

I found keymankeybord Msi 16 but where we can add it? its available in general file.
Itry to add it to compile files but its look wrong massage

No step in the instructions of Lexical Model creation has anything to do with MSI file.

The project folder you sent does not give me the error message you said. With a live support session on Zoom or Google Hangout, I should be able to see exactly what is happening and help fix it quicker.

Is it possible that you clicked on the “Compile Installer” button instead of the “Compile Package” button? Compiling a stand-alone installer does ask for an .msi file. This is an older, Windows-only feature of Keyman.

“Compile Package” creates a package that can be used on any platform that Keyman supports.

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“Compile Installer” should probably be removed or made less prominent in Developer. See chore(developer): remove 'Compile Installer' button · Issue #8340 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub

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exactly i clicked compile installer.
did you mean i didn’t need to click it for end my work?
So what the next step as long i compile package successfully

You are not supposed to click on the “Compile Installer”. Click instead on “Compile Package” to compile you lexical model package.

See the instructions here: Step 5: Compiling, testing and distributing a Package.

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Thanks makara
This mean the next step is add
Distributing a package on the Keyman Cloud Lexical Model Repository

Once you have a keyboard package (whether one you created or an existing one) and a lexical model package, you can install the keyboard using Keyman on the mobile device and direct it to use the package containing the lexical model. (Note that these are linked by the BCP 47 code included in when the package is built.)

There must be some documentation that steps through the process of connecting the lexical model to the keyboard. @Marc can you help?

The docs we have are at Step 5: Compiling, testing and distributing a Package. We don’t appear to have a lot of solid documentation around BCP 47 tags and the association between keyboards and models at this time.

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Dears I tested my backage it’s done .how i can add it to Keyman Lexical Models Repository
I don’t have idea how can add fills can you guide me
riyadh_alfareh.xsa.himyarit_musnad.model.kmp (422.1 KB)

The Guide: Lexical Model Submissions guide explains how to submit a lexical model to the lexical-models repository.

It parallels the Advanced Guide: Keyboard Submissions guide for submitting keyboards.

The Guide: Keyboard Submissions using GitHub guide explains how to contribute to the keyboards repository using the GitHub interface, which some find an easier method for submitting a keyboard.

I don’t think we yet have a guide for using GitHub to submit a lexical model, but the procedure would be similar to that for keyboards. Substituting “lexical-models” for “keyboards” (for example, making a fork of the lexical-models repository instead of the keyboards repository) in the GitHub keyboards guide might give you enough indication of how to contribute to the lexical-models repository using GitHub.

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Dears your support

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This topic is now marked as “Resolved” since you have successfully figured out how to create a lexical model and submit it to KeymanApp GitHub repo.

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I need your support at pul request for it

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