Build error for git

Hi, recently I was trying to build a Javanese keyboard using Keyman. When I was about to submit it to github, I got to the step for building the package, but stuck on several errors.

First, I put all the necessary file in the “jawa” subfolder, but it failed to build with this message:
“No jawa.keyboard_info file.” But it was there. I copied it from template, and have already changed the information in the file.

Then I just tried to put the .kpj, .kmn files in “template” folder and renamed those files as “templates”, and it compiled. Weird. But it didn’t finished compiled, because of another error.

“Failure: neither a .kmp nor a .js were found for this folder.”
“Failed to merge keyboard_info for templates”

I don’t have any js file, but the kmp file was there in the folder. What did I do wrong?



Can you paste a directory listing of your jawa folder?


Since you’ve already forked the full keyboards repo

you should be able to follow the directory structure from the advanced guide

  1. In your fork, make a branch named jawa.
  2. Put your files in \release\j\jawa\
  3. There’s a Keyman Developer setting in step 5 of the guide which should make the .kmp build artifact end up in \release\j\jawa\build\
  4. Once everything is in place, in the Git bash, go to the keyboards root (where the script is) and do
./ release/j/jawa
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It looks like you’ve misspelled the folder release as relase?

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Thank you. I’m such an oaf. Now it works, and it compiles. Wonderful!

Happens to us all :slight_smile: Glad that it all works now.