Bug with Gentium and latest version of MS Word

A heads-up that there appears to be a bug in the latest edition of Microsoft Word that affects the original Gentium font. When using this font with AutoCorrect turned on, straight quotes are not changed to curly quotes, and a letter ‘i’ at the beginning of a word will be capitalised. You end up with something like this:


This began happening for me in Microsoft Word build 12430.20288. Should anyone else raise this with Microsoft, it might help to quote my ticket number reporting this issue, which is #18826628.

It doesn’t seem possible to work around the curly quotes probably (other than adding curly quotes manually with ALT+0145 to ALT+0148). You can work around the upper-case ‘I’ problem by going to Options -> Proofing -> AutoCorrect Options -> AutoCorrect, and deleting the single ‘i’ from the list at the bottom.

Hi Mark - That’s really very odd, and I can’t see how we could change the font to make this not happen. Your best solution is to try using current versions of Gentium, either Gentium Plus or Gentium Basic. https://software.sil.org/gentium/download/ Hope that works for you.

Thanks for the reply. I agree it’s very odd. At the moment I’ve downgraded to an earlier version of Word by switching to the semi-annual update channel and re-installing. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix the bug by the time my next update comes around – but predictably, they’re blaming the font at the moment.

The more modern Gentium fonts don’t seem to cause the issue, so now I’ve updated my templates, it’s only affecting me when I edit an old document. I often can’t switch fonts then because all the text will reflow.

Glad that worked. The newer Gentium fonts have many, many improvements. We ceased maintenance of the original Gentium nine years ago.