Bug: Keyman non-responsive w/ Android on Windows Phone Link

When using the Windows Phone Link tool and an Android phone (product linked below if unfamiliar) , the keyman keys are non-responsive when clicked on the PC screen.

I have a video of the issue, but I can’t upload mp4 or zip.


Hi @Dylan, thanks for reporting this issue. Would you be able to create a bug report at New Issue · keymanapp/keyman and include your video there?

@Marc Done. I’m new to the keyman community, but I’m hoping to be around more. Thanks for pointing me to the right spot.

Thanks for writing up the report (https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/issues/7899). We don’t have space to fix it in our current project schedule but I hope we can get to it in the future!

No worries. Honestly, I expected this one to never get fixed. If keyman was my app, I’d might still not fix it.

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