Bug in About page

I have come across what seems to be a bug. When I type the following in the About area:
I get this in the preview (Viewer) as well as in the actually app:
I guess this must be a bug.

Yes this is a bug that is in the list. This bug has been fixed in the other app builders but has not been fixed in DAB yet.

It is to do with either PNG or JPG being mistaken as picture file extensions.

To work around it you could, instead of the letter p put in the XML/HTML entity for that letter p

by Francis Wepngong Ndi

It worked for me.
it came out as:

by Francis Wepngong Ndi

Thanks. It works now. A simple workaround.
I didn’t put the semicolon, but it still worked. Is it technically necessary to put the semicolon?

Here is another question. I have
in the About page and the CC4.jpg in the Illustration tab in the Image section, but for some reason, the image does not appear:
Am I missing something?

Images not showing up is another issue with the About page in DAB.

For XML the semicolon is required, but for HTML browser engines are used to handling non-standard markup. So technically required but if it works then not required.

I come from XML thinking so I’d always put in the semicolon, then it is always correct.

Thanks. Just seen the release of SAB 6.2. Hopefully DAB 6.2 will follow soon too.