Bug: Field's languages not showing up as configured


I have trouble with field’s languages showing up that I unchecked in the configurations. That started when I added audio.

The biggest trouble is, that there are fields of the gloss languages showing in the „word“ section and the vernacular language showing up in the gloss.

See the screenshots below.

Is there any hope for this issue or am I better off to delete the project and create a new one?

Thank you for your help!



If you take a look at my postings about Language Forge, you’ll see that have had show-stopper level issues. I tried to get into contact with the support a couple of times, until I got an answer that LF is currently out of active support (I don’t recall the exact phrasing but along those lines). For me this meant that I had to take a break for a reevaluation, whether I can use any tools from SIL in my dictionary project. (I haven’t done that yet.)

So basically that lack of active support means, that if you run into issues, you’re most likely on your own.

Hi Juha,

That’s a good summary - thanks. Language Forge has very little resources to provide support and fix bugs right now. Wish it was different and praying for change.

Thank you Juha and Chris

That’s good to know!