Bug: Editing touch layout font size replaces all literal text with codepoints

Using the Keyboard Fonts dialog to change the size of the touch layout font has the unwanted side-effect of replacing all literal text with \u codepoints, causing readability to plummet (at least for humans like me). Here’s a sample of the diffs after changing only the font size:

This problem is present in Kmn Dev 13.0.111. I now see it was also present in 13.0.108.

Workaround: It’s possible to edit the font size directly in the code view of the touch layout without affecting the literal text.

Thanks for the feedback. Would you be willing to turn this into a bug report at New Issue · keymanapp/keyman? It should be a relatively straightforward one for us to solve.

You should also be able to copy and paste the JSON through an online tools (e.g. https://jsonformatter.org/ does it with its Format/Beautify command) to restore the Unicode characters.

Thanks, Marc. I created the bug report. Fortunately I caught the change in time to revert from GitHub before I’d done much else to the keyboard. :slight_smile:

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better to have it as a character string, especially since JSON requires the use of surrogate pairs when escaping characters outside the basic multilingual plane, which would be a pain to edit for the average keyboard developer.