Branding Pack license not activated


I am putting in the activation code listed on the website. I am still not activate “Branding Pack”.

Please assist

There are no activation codes for the Branding Pack as we have now retired it. Version 10.0 will make Keyman Engine for Windows freely available for you to work with and integrate into your app. This is currently a work in progress.

Does version 10.0 support standalone keyboard driver with branding and packaging?

Is there a feature list I can read about version 10?

Yes, version 10 will support a standalone app which you can rebrand as you desire, using Keyman Engine for Windows. The feature set for version 10 is similar to that for version 9; the focus is on making the code open source and updating in preparation for future development. As such, there are a few significant new features, such as BCP-47 support across all of Keyman, but not a large number.

I see version 10 is in alpha state for a long time.
When do we except to be in full version?
Would you recommend to use version 10 for distribution at this time?

We plan to move to beta by the end of this year, all going well. At this point, version 10 is not guaranteed to be stable as overnight builds may sometimes be broken. I would not normally recommend distributing a product based on an alpha release version.

OK. is there any workaround to get branding and packing to work with 8.0 or 9.0 in the meantime?

Can you write to with your request and I’ll see if there is anything we can do.

Thanks. I have written an email to sales.
Please do the needful.

Keyman is a game changer for all non-english languages. It is so fluid to implement.

mayura. Do you active “Branding Pack" ?

Yes. I have “branding pack”

I really looking it.

sorry? I don’t understand

I’m looking Branding pack for my fonts package.

Harsha, can you write to us directly on with details of your requirements? I’ll see what we can do.