Border on images

I would like to add borders to some illustrations. I see in the documentation that it is possible to put borders on text boxes. Is it possible to put borders on illustrations?


The only way to do this currently is to add custom CSS.
That could be done at the book level, using a file in the book folder called customBookStyles.css or at the collection level by modifying customCollectionStyles.css.

You’ll want something like

div.bloom-imageContainer {
	border: 2px solid blue;

See for options.

Let me know if you want me to move this over to the Feature Request section to have us add the ability to do this in Bloom itself.

Yes! Thank you! I think I am probably not the only one who would value that. Some artists include part of a scene, say, a corner of the ocean off to the side. Without a border, it looks very odd.

Yes, please! Adding borders to images would be a great addition to
Bloom’s UI.

Kim Blewett
Pacific Area Language Technology Coordinator
SIL International
Language Technology Consultant (LSS)
SIL Papua New Guinea

This is now an official “Feature Request” which can be voted on.

Hi Andrew,
I’ve done this for one book in question. I’d like to show you how it looks and why I don’t think it really answers the need, but to get that screen shot, I’ll share it in Report a Problem mode.