Books in Bloom library without topic

If Books are already in the Bloom library without a topic, is there a way to do a bulk-edit of them to add topics/tags/keywords? E.g. select multiple books and apply the topic to all. Or is it something the Bloom team can do?

Or does the uploader need to edit all those books individually in Bloom to add the topic, then re-upload them?

There are 68 books for this language that were uploaded without a topic, so I’m trying to find the easiest solution for the user. They would like people to be able to find specific books easily in the Bloom library.

Hi Liz…As the Bloom Library librarian I can add both topic tags and/or keyword tags. And, I do have a way to bulk edit those tags. However, it doesn’t add the tag to the book. But, for the purposes of finding things in BL, that doesn’t matter. It only means that if someone downloaded, translated and then re-uploaded a new version, that book would not have the topic or keywords of the original. You can email me about the details of how this might work.