**Books and app data disappearing**

So, I’m a total newbie with RAB app building and really appreciate any help the community can offer. I have successfully built an app with a set of discipleship lessons. I exported the pkg file and it ran fine on my phone.

Then as I made additional edits and built the app again, it said, “Reader: No book found” when I opened the app on my phone. When I look in the file folder where all the data is stored, the book is still there, and it shows up in RAB, but won’t display on my phone when I export the app.

If I close and reopen RAB (after saving changes), the books section isn’t in RAB anymore (although it’s still in the file folder on my hard drive) and all of my settings have disappeared.

If I start a new project, it normally displays the books on my phone fine after exporting and running the app, but at some point in the edit process, the same thing keeps happening.

Is there a bug with the RAB version I’m running (8.3) or am I inadvertently doing something to mess the app up?

Thank you so much in advance!

Are you one Windows or Mac or Linux?

If you are on Windows. Do any of the paths to the files contain an & or a < or a >?

I’m using RAB on Mac.