Booklet publishes with the odd and even pages reversed

I am using Bloom for the first time properly. Have downloaded a coronavirus booklet from the bloom library, and edited it for Misima. When I publish it however and print, the pages are reversed i.e. the even numbered pages are on the right side of A4 page (size of booklet is A5), and odd numbered pages on the left. What am I missing? thanks

Please let us know which specific Coronavirus book you downloaded and we’ll look into this.

In the meantime, be aware that some of the coronavirus books use the Comic page template which have no margins and no page numbers. These books are not designed to be printed since your printer won’t be able to handle printing full-page images with no margins. We do allow PDF generation for electronic sharing and verification.

It may also be helpful to use the “Report a problem” command which you can find under the question mark in the top right. Make sure you have the book open when you use the command and leave the option on to send us the book. That will give us the exact book you are having trouble with. We might also need to see the PDF you are getting.

You didn’t say exactly how you tried to print it. For an A5 booklet on A4 pages you would want to use the Booklet cover and Booklet insides options. It’s normal that these put the pages in an odd order which (when printed) lets you just fold the bundle in half to make a booklet. One thing to be aware of is that you have to turn OFF any clever tricks that are built into your printer for making booklets…just let it think it is printing a sequence of double-sided A4 sheets (“flip on short edge”). There are some hints that come up when you select “print” that should be helpful.

Yes, those are the
options I tried i.e. Booklet cover and booklet insides. I did
read the print hints so I was familiar with the setup, and I
did look at my printer setup as well, but could not see any
printer preference that might be causing this to happen.



It was the Avoid
Coronovirus (Africa) template.

      The text also right

justifies instead of left-justifying. This looks odd on the
page, and sometimes puts the full stop in the middle of the
line instead of at the end where it was typed. Probably
connected with the odd and even numbered pages being on the
wrong sides…

Thank you


Thanks Sandra for getting back to us on this question.

Since we’ve resolved this issue with you through our error reporting system, for the benefit of other users, I’ll just say that the issue stemmed from having the language script settings set to right to left.