Bold fonts not showing up in Simple Bloom PDF file

In the picture dictionary I have guide words/head words in the upper corners that are in bold font. These guide/head words are also in bold fonts in the example sentences. However when I do a Simple PDF printout, the bold font does not show up in either place. How can I get the bold font in the Simple PDF? Editing the PDF for these is too time consuming. When this book is uploaded to the Bloom Library, will these bold features show up there?

Hi @jacqueline_huggins,

You don’t say what typeface you’re using, so I’m just going to pretend in the following that you are using Andika. If you are using something else, you’ll still get the idea.

First some terminology. What we all call “fonts” are actually typefaces. E.g. Andika is not really a font; it’s a typeface. There are various “fonts” that use the a given typeface: regular, italic, bold, etc.

OK so on your screen, you can almost ignore the distinction, because your computer can pretend it has all the right fonts. For example if you use Andika and ask for bold, your computer manufactures one by making lines thicker. So things look fine.

However, once you go to make a PDF, this magic goes away. Now, if you are missing the correct font (e.g. Andika Bold), then the text will not be bold.

So what to do? Alas, there is no Andika Bold font… SIL doesn’t publish such a thing. However if you switch to Andika New Basic, then there is a Bold font available.

Hope that helps!

Dear John,

Thank you for your quick reply and clear explanation. I’m using Andika New Basic typeface. Your answer is mentioned right at the SIL Bloom Resource site as one limitation. BTW, the site mentioned that Andika NB won’t print Bold or Italics typeface. Should we assume the same for Underline? We can get by without Bold guide/head words in the dictionary. But it would be helpful for young readers if we could mark the word in the example sentences. If not, hey, we’re ready to upload. Again, thank you for the reminder.


Hi Jacqueline,
I’m afraid I don’t know what site you are referring to, so I can’t say for certain if they are mistaken. But here is what you get in a PDF using Andika New Basic:


Hi John,
Yes, I realized later that we are already using italicized typeface for national language entries which does show up in PDF printouts as does Underlining. The site I was referring to is the SIL website: technology/software & fonts/Bloom Download/Fonts (last sentence of the second paragraph).

Many thanks,