Bluetooth keyboard on a Samsung Tab 10 [OBO user]

Tried to use a Bluetooth keyboard on a Samsung Tab 10 to type in Sinhala but failed. No Sinhala keyboard available for such task. :frowning:

A definite gap to be filled! Do you want to create a draft Sinhala mobile keyboard?

But actually, there are a few of them in our library: Keyboard Search.

But none of those are mobile optimised (excluding the Braille one)

So a bluetooth keyboard needs a mobile layout for control purposes while it actually uses the desktop layout instead during typing. Do we have this documented somewhere @darcy?

I would say a keyboard needs a mobile layout so Keyman for Android can install it and use the OSK to generate keys.

The user can then optionally pair an external keyboard (bluetooth or USB). But that physical keyboard doesn’t follow the touch layers, so it’s keys are handled by the .kmn rules.

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I can easily create one, but I do not have a bluetooth keyboard at hand to test. :frowning:

Yes, but we already have the bluetooth keyboard support in place with the desktop keyboard rules. We just don’t have a good Sinhala touch layout.

We’ve added a tablet layout to the Sinhala Basic keyboard, so you might wish to try it again: Sinhala Basic keyboard