Bloom won't launch

I am facilitating a workshop on Bloom and one stubborn laptop will not let the user click on “Create a New Collection” or “Open an Existing Collection”. The buttons simply turn gray when rolling over them but no action happens. We have gone over most of the steps in the “How to fix installation problems” except for changing the UAC. The user is running Win 7 Ultimate. We had to install .net to get as far as installing what we could. I ran a WSUS updater to update old Windows files. And we tried installing an older version, Bloom 4.1.7 without success. Anyone out there help?

Hi Darcie,
Any chance the internet in the workshop would be adequate for a remote desktop session (Bomgar)? We could help you today. I’ll PM you contact info.

Connecting to Bomgar now

Please post again if you’ve found a solution, just for our education. We begin a four-day workshop tomorrow and we’ve been told that we will face quite a number of older laptops with W7, likely pre-SP1. Thank you.

The issue with launching Bloom was resolved but we don’t have one contributing factor for it’s resolution. I highly recommend before starting the workshop that you ensure laptops have their updates run (or use WSUS), update virus defs, run CCleaner, keep one virus program (multiple ones cause conflict), and Defraggler would also help.

I did take a laptop home over the weekend and ran WSUS Update on it but still noticed that even that was not registering all the updates. I went online and did a full (and first ever) Windows Update for the Win7 Enterprise laptop and things started working better after that.

Thank you for your reply. We were successful with all thirty participants’ laptops as far as installation. A computer restart helped with one on which Bloom wouldn’t run. Some of the folks have quite old W7 units – always seem to take a bit more effort. And one participant uninstalled her anti-virus program, which didn’t like Bloom and gave no opportunity to speak on its behalf. J