Bloom won’t start after 4.9 update

Dear colleagues, we have a laptop on which bloom 4.9 won’t start after the update. It is being looked at by our IT guy but I just wondered if any of the bloom users on this forum experienced problems after the update. Thanks. Bart.

Thanks Bart for advocating for your colleague.

So far, we haven’t heard of other people experiencing issues with this update. Reading your brief message, I’m going to guess that you know of others who have successfully updated, but this one colleague has an issue. This suggests something particular about that user’s setup, quite probably the antivirus software and settings.

Here’s a suggested way forward:

If the problem still persists, write to us and we’ll setup a Zoom meeting.

Thanks for the tips Collin. With help of a remote session with a Bloom specialist it was resolved last friday. Bart