Bloom training workshop completed in Honduras

CRS Honduras and Guatemala and partners just completed a one-week training on Bloom. Thanks to Paul and SIL experts, all the participants went through Bloom basics and created books on the first day - for a lot of us, the first book created. While learning various functions that Bloom has, we generated a wide range of ideas to utilize Bloom, not only for supplementary reading materials for children, but applying for teacher training, engaging families and communities to create books (together with teachers) on the topics they would like. This will be an empowering process. Also we saw applicability of Bloom in other sector programs - peace building, livelihood, health…In fact Micro Finance experts from CRS El Salvador implementing a regional child financial education created books for her initiative. We think that Bloom will bloom in Central America, and hopefully in other parts of the world.

Congratulations on a successful workshop. Thank you so much for the report!