Bloom Reader: Find Bloom books on this device

How does this work? I put a bloom pack on my android device (Samsung Galaxy Tab A) on a SD card. But it did not find it.

You’ll need one of three different file types for Bloom Reader.

.bloomd - This is a Bloom book published for Bloom Reader. Create one in Bloom by going to Publish > Android.

.bloombundle - This is created by Bloom Reader when a user selects the option to share all books with another user.

.bloomshelf - This is an Enterprise-only feature for grouping and navigating collections of books on Bloom Reader.

So a Bloom Pack is not readable by Bloom Reader, I’m afraid.

Please let me know if I need to clarify further.

Are you putting a Bloom pack on the SD card or a .bloomd file (from Publish, Android, Save as file)?

If it’s a .bloomd file bloom Reader should find it on the phone or SD card.

Thanks. That was very helpful.

Exploring the Bloom Reader App and came across this post, thanks for the helpful explanation. I understand that .bloomshelf is an Enterprise-only feature in the Reader App, it seems a very useful feature if you have loads of books, is there any way an ordinary user can get access to this feature and if yes, how?

Hi Gerben,

Pre-packaging a set of books as a “bookshelf” will remain something that requires an Enterprise license. However, you could add a feature request for allowing a user to organize their books into bookshelves, on their device.


Hi John,

Thanks for pointing this out, I think having the option to organize books into bookshelves would be great, so I’ll happily submit a feature request.




That wouldbe great. When your list is long, it takes time to scroll throught the list to find the book.